Co-Creation: Engaging the people you serve in the work you do

What is Co-Creation? Co-creation is the process of engaging beneficiaries, users or participants in the design, execution and evaluation of programs, products and campaigns.

What are the Benefits of Co-Creation? Co-creation incorporates stakeholder perspectives into program design, lifts up the voices of under-served or under-represented people, and ensures that initiatives address peoples’ daily realities.

The Co-Creation Process



At the design stage, co-creation can help you understand stakeholder needs and desires, as well as how they might interact with your strategy.

Techniques: Ethnography, In-Depth Interviews & Focus Groups, Human-Centered Program Design and User Experience Testing


At the execution stage, co-creation helps you monitor performance metrics and feedback to inform adjustments to your strategy.

Techniques: Crowdsourcing, Program Implementation Surveys and Real-Time Audience Input & Media Metrics


At the evaluation stage, co-creation helps you determine your strategy’s impact on people’s lives, contribute to metrics assessment and capture lessons learned to integrate into the next phase of your strategy.

Techniques: Advisory Panels, Collaborative Evaluation and Storytelling for Evaluation

Co-Creation in Action

Raikes Foundation: Creating teacher-tested tools to promote learning mindsets and skills

Consumer Reports: Engaging consumers to create products, content and advocacy strategies

Our Tomorrow: Crowdsourcing ideas to meet the needs of a diverse constituency

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